Rinjani Trekking Team

Rinjani Trek Team

Rinjani Trek Team is a solid team which comprises of young and energetic personnel – strict adherent to their errand – ready to counseling trekkers or non trekkers whom are keen on flex their muscle by traveling and trekking adventure to Gunung Rinjani National Park is welcomed cordially.

Herewith, we would like to introducing our Rinjani Trek Team below

A. Founder :

sumedi trekker1. Yes, I am Edy Sumedy ( Sumedi )
A Marketing Manager Of Lombok Day Tour And Travel based on Jl. Raya Senggigi, Km 12, Lombok Barat, NTB, Indonesia.

He was an ex-guide turned to a popular trek organizer at this time being in Lombok, Indonesia and it is stipulated with his trekking experiences of conquering Rinjani summit for more than 35 times since 1980. And in Sumbawa, he has been exploring Mt. Tambora in 2001 to 2003 and that was including 13 times trekking up to the summit.

These pivotal experiences has molded up his calm and strong character to organize, manage, and handle our trekking guests from many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, America, Canada, etc. and other domestic clients.
Mr. Edy Sumedy also emphasis the importance of mountain trekking security or mountain trekking survival through well-planned or well-organized trek and without such nature, just place our trekking guests in a dilemma or just as an object to which must be avoided at all cost.
His motto is “ if you ever climb a mountain at least once in your lifetime that is only to find out that there is other mountain that is needed to be subjugated “.

2. Mr. Usman
He is about 35 years old. He is our counterpart as a trek organizing partner. He lives with his family in our office in Senaru. Very calm and stern character, he is ready to welcome you with his broad smile and friendly atmosphere. Before you ever trying to stepping up your toe on Rinjani track – trails, with his calmness, he is prepared to give you a briefing concerning trek route and other technical trek and what could or could not be done during you trekking period.

His motto is “ smiling is the best policy “.

B. Our Guides :

1. Mr. Ismail is a mountain guide since 1980 till the present time being and he is still existed with his world as a guide.
Middle aged man, cheerful and funny, he is no doubt that he is the very senior guide in our denomination. At his age as a guide, we put a great admiration at him because till now days, he is still intact, survive, strong and energetic man. Even the young one could not compete his cadence swinging through elevated track, dense – mountainous forest, craggy rock etc.
He is not only as a guide but also could function as a porter in case the situation is needed that. In our term, he is helpful guide who is ready to give any help at a critical or normal moment.
His motto is “ there is no big burden which can not be vanquished “ .

2. Mr. Abu Bakar is also as a guide, lives in Senaru, at Rinjani foothill ( northern starting point of Rinjani slope ). He lives not far from Mr. Ismail dwelling place. He is still in his late twenties. Strong, stoic, and swift as his main nature, never let his trekking partner looks succumb to the harsh climbing feat. He is always flickering at the hard moment and prod his trekking partner with his strong spirit and great enthusiasm. Hence, his wise word stumbling out that is “ conquering the summit is a matter of conquering your own mind “ .

C. Porters

Our company has a wide range of chosen quality of porters that is hard to enumerate one by one here. But once, you witness our porters cart up your belonging will place you in an astonishment that how this mountain icons will have running steps with those heavy baskets on their shoulder pole carrier.