What to Bring

What to bring instead of extra film or binoculars :

  1. Some cloths should be brought with you and some change cloths should be left behind in our office in Senaru for you to wear it after the trek. And if you would like to, you could bring with you swimming costume for you to swim in the hot Spring which is just near by the lake and swimming in the lake itself. It’s a fun, but of course, you have to follow your guide suggestion what could be done and what could not.
  2. Torch or flashlight or head torch ( small torch ) which stick on your head. The function is for night walking up especially to climb up to the summit at 03:00 am in order to reach the summit at 06:00 Am to
    perpetuate the sunrise by your camera.
  3. Walking stick to keep up your balance for going up.
  4. Some medicine in case your foot get chafed on the way up.
  5. Raincoat.
  6. Towel
  7. Thick jacket
  8. Serrated sole shoes ( the shoes that has gear on its sole ) for a good climbing effect.
  9. Hand gloves
  10. Sun glasses
  11. Sun Cream